Duba World Trade Center

Dubai, UAE

Our professional wedding team is the pride of DWTC hospitality, winning accolades for their expertise to deliver consistently world-class wedding experiences. The key to their success is their singular focus on YOU. We are committed to making your dream wedding a reality with the highest standards in innovation, coordination and implementation. As the proud flag-bearer of the local heritage with specialised services and facilities for a vibrant Emirati wedding, we have been the 'organiser of choice' for hundreds of families in the region. We can recreate surreal and exotic themes while retaining the authenticity of tradition, and provide unrivalled privacy, and comfort for up to 6,500 guests. Our offering is suitably complemented by Food & Beverage expertise in creating a blend of local and international specialities. With an award-winning team of 125 chefs manning our HACCP certified kitchen, our wedding services reach beyond the local community in their ability to design a custom made ceremony to suit your needs. Be it a private family event or a lavish grandiose affair, our success lies in our ability to leave you with a uniquely cherishable experience.

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